EASA publishes a prototype regulation for all categories of UA

By septembre 2, 2016World News
EASA European Aviation Safety Agency

After the « Introduction of a regulatory framework for the operation of drones », the EASA is now proposing a complete prototype regulation for unmanned aircraft operation (all categories, all altitudes). As the whole prototype may be a bit dense to read, we propose a summary of the main information here.

EASA is expecting comments on this prototype and will organize workshops to further discuss the topic in order to reach a final version. The reader interested in more details is encouraged to read the full prototype


as well as the explanatory note.


Though EASA is only regulating aviation over 150kg take-off-weight, it is pushing to regulate small drones as well.

Update1: EASA published a summary of the above prototype under the form of 30 recommendations. It can be found here.

Update2: EASA is expected to become the official regulatory body for all aviation (including under 150kg) by the end of 2017.