EUROCAE Symposium and 56th General Assembly held in ENAC

By août 16, 2019ENAC

EUROCAE Symposium and 56th General Assembly held in ENAC on 25-26 April 2019. With a participation of more than 200 guests, chaire drone is represented by Elgiz Baskaya as one of the moderators of the fruitful sessions of the symposium.

The main focus was on automatization both for airborne and ground systems. 

Most of the parties agreed the fact that machine learning systems will have a bigger part in the years to come but not many people are working on the certification of such adaptive systems. 

Automatization was also mentioned largely for manned aviation such as for the purpose of decreasing the required number of pilots onboard while still keeping them in the loop. Since automatization was the main topic of the event, it was almost agreed by all parties that ICAO’s definition for autonomy was not sufficient or precise anymore. So there is a need for autonomy levels for aviation as is the case for car industry.

Automatization in case of safety critical situations is discussed by European Defence Agency. They stated that they are interested in fault detection and safe ditch systems for drones, which lies parallel to the topics of interests of drone chair.

For further conclusions and highlights of the conference, please refer to link.

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