DUBAI to accomodate drones

By mars 30, 2017World News

Latest efforts for the integration of drones into airspace, welcomed a relatively new concept called the ‘U-Space’. This approach has been injected to immediate plans at European level, to accommodate drones in urban areas.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) accelerates the safe integration of drones into urban airspace, by settling and agreement for UAS Traffic Management (UTM) with Nokia as part of its ’Next generation network for mission-critical and smart city services’.

Aiming tracking/managing all drones in the airspace, Nokia is offering solutions for automated flight permissions, no-fly zone regulation, beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) safety operations utilizing LTE protocols for low latency, reliable and resilient communication. For compatibility with this system, drones will be equipped with LTE dongles, and access modules for telemetry data access.

You can see NOKIA’s UTM solution below (or alternatively here).

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